Sunday, August 4, 2013

Junior Triathlon

Ojichan (Granpa) is a triathlon organizer. Motoki can join one this year since he's in the first grade now.

He was really excited to compete and get a medal at the finish.
50 meter swim
1 Km bike
300 meter run.

We had to wake up super early to drive to the coast about 40 minutes away in Kojima.

Just waking up from sleeping in the car on the way.

Getting his numbers on.

Obachan and Ojichan both helped Mo get ready.

All of his things laid out for the swim to bike to run change-over.

Opening ceremony.

His group prepares for the start.

They're off! Motoki is somewhere in the middle.


Bike !

Run to the finish !

He gets a cold shower and his medal!

YAY !!!

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