Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seattle Vacation

Mo and I were excited about our trip to Seattle to visit our family.

Getting ready. Maybe, I didn't need that ticket for him.

Headed to Korea, on our first of two flights. One of many Kids meals.

We had a six hour layover at Incheon Airport in Korea, so we went on a short tour.

Going over a 21km. bridge to Incheon City.

We toured a Korean Buddhist Temple.

We also visited a Korean War Museum.

Then it was on to Seattle. It was great to arrive at the same time as Granpa and relax at Donna's house to recover from the long journey.

Donna and Gunnar's new deck is gorgeous and has every comfort imaginable.

My sister Donna and her golden-doodle Champ.

Mo loved hanging out with Champ.

Mo was also very happy to spend time with Granpa Richard.

Donna's garden is beautiful and delicious.

Heirloom tomatos ripening in the greenhouse.

We were a few months too early for apples. Looks like there will be a lot though.

Next day we went to a local fair. The shuttle bus was an actual school bus. It was Mo's first time on an American bus. It also brought back a lot of memories for those of us who remembered riding on these same buses to school everyday.

We had a nice time at the fair.

Mo met a giant chicken.

He went in a bubble.

Later we had a chance to go up with Gunnar in his plane.

Gunnar let Mo and I fly the plane.

We spent most of the next day on a Salmon fishing boat. The weather was great and we all had a relaxing time.

Unfortunately we only caught two fish. Luckily Mo was able to reel one in and was very happy about his fish.

For breakfast Granpa brought pancake mix on the plane all the way from Vermont to make his famous blueberry pancakes.

I had told Donna I was missing crispy American bacon. She provided the most delicious bacon which I indulged in.

We all went go karting. It was a lot of fun. Mo had a couple of laps on the kids course.

There was also a funny velcro bounce wall which Diane took Mo on.

Alisa and Sydney arrived later in the week. It was great to have all of the siblings together.
We went down to the beach and had a tasty take out lunch from a seafood restaurant.

Afterwards the kids played on the beach. They collected shells and rocks and found lots of baby crabs.

We spent a day downtown with all of the siblings, and Granpa, Jarod and Kendall.
We enjoyed the Pike Place Market and the Pier.

The kids posed with the famous bronze piggy bank.

Everyone liked the curiosity shops. Here Mo measures up against the tallest man.

They made a couple of purchases, including electric buzzers (hours of fun) and a mustache.

There was a lot of tasty things to look at. Especially the produce and seafood.

We had another fantastic lunch at a seafood place on the pier. It was a chance for Mo and Syd to demonstrate their slightly improved restaurant behavior.

A couple of impromptu group shots were attempted as well.

Afterwards we took a ride on the big ferris wheel. The group photo came out great.

All too soon. It was time for our last dinner. The girls enjoyed some conversation over wine.

We managed to get a shot for Granpa of all his children.

We enjoyed one last meal with Gunnar cooking up 10 pounds of clams.

Big thanks to everyone for the special vacation. We miss you all so much and are looking forward to the next time we can meet. 

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